Spring 2007 Meeting


March 16, 2007

Manchester, NH

The meeting was convened at about 9:45 am by outgoing NLARx Chair Senator Arthur Mayo, who thanked New Hampshire Rep. Cindy Rosenwald for all the help setting up the meeting and booking the hotel, all without staff support.

Rep. Rosenwald and NH Rep. Frank Case welcomed the group to New Hampshire. The legislators present introduced themselves. Appointed directors attending all or part of the meeting were NH representatives Rosenwald and Case, DC Councilmember David Catania, ME Senator Elizabeth Schneider, ME representatives John Brautigam and Anne Perry, VT Senator Kevin Mullin and MA Senator Mark Montigny, and Associate Director Meg Burton Cahill. Visiting legislators attending were ME Rep. Marilyn Canavan and MA Rep. Jim Marzilli.

Rep. Rosenwald moved the slate of Executive Officers as nominated; the motion was seconded by Senator Schneider. [Motion was for Chair, Councilmember Catania; Vice Chair, WV Delegate Don Perdue; Secretary, Senator Mullin; Treasurer, Rep. Perry.] Executive Director Treat reported that 29 legislators had been appointed directors as of 3/14/07, requiring a quorum of 15. 15 ballots were faxed, with the mandatory disclosure forms, and 9 directors voted in person. The vote was as follows: votes for Perdue: 24; votes for Catania, Mullin and Perry: 23.

Incoming Chair DC Councilmember David Catania took up the gavel and gave remarks, thanking Senator Mayo for his service and leadership. Executive Director Sharon Treat provided a summary of her quarterly report.

Marcia Hams, Director of Prescription Policy Initiatives at Community Catalyst, gave a presentation: ?The Prescription Project: a new campaign to end conflicts of interest in prescription prescribing.? This project is a major initiative to promote changes in public policy in states across the country and in the medical profession to reduce conflicts of interest caused by marketing and other tactics.

Peter Wyckoff, former director of the Minnesota Senior Federation, and now a consultant for The Prescription project, spoke on ?The Minnesota Experience with Academic Detailing and Reimportation.?

Councilmember David Catania provided an update on the District of Columbia PBM litigation and other issues being addressed in the District, including an initiative to promote HPV vaccine.

Lisa Kaplan Howe, Consumer Health Policy Coordinator for Health Care For All, and sponsors Senator Mark Montigny and Rep. Jim Marzilli presented on pending Massachusetts prescription drug legislation banning gifts, requiring marketing disclosure, protecting prescriber confidentiality and promoting evidence-based prescribing (view presentation).

After lunch Ann Woloson, Executive Director of Prescription Policy Choices, gave a presentation, ?Initiating an Academic Detailing Pilot Project in Northern New England.? She was followed by Sean Fiils-Flynn, Esq., Associate Director, Program in Information Justice & Intellectual Property at American University, who is also NLARx counsel. Mr. Flynn?s presentation was ?Will Congress Act? The prognosis for legislation on price negotiation, generic & patent policy, drug safety, and trade.?

With an all-out snowstorm underway, the meeting wrapped up early and adjourned by 2:30 pm.

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