Individual Membership
Legislators from the states, territories and the District of Columbia may join the Association by paying $100/year in dues, completing a Conflict of Interest Declaration, and acceptance by the Board. To apply for membership and for payment details click here.

Participation by State Legislatures or Legislative Chambers
State legislative chambers may also join. Membership entitles the presiding officer of each participating chamber to appoint up to three members of the chamber as voting members of the Association, and a majority of positions on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee are reserved for legislators representing member legislative chambers. Our bylaws require both political parties to be represented (no more than two legislators may be appointed from each chamber from the majority party), and a vote by the current Board of Directors to accept a member state or legislative chamber. Legislative members from states or chambers that have joined, and who have filed a required annual disclosure and appointment form with the Executive Director, have full voting rights when voting on resolutions, bylaws, and overall management of the organization. The Executive Committee handles personnel and day to day management.

Dues have been set at $20,000 per state or jurisdiction or $10,000 per legislative chamber. We recognize that it can be difficult to appropriate this sum every year, and we are willing to work with legislators to help them raise the funds. Some states fund the dues from the legislative budget while others have appropriated dues as part of the state budget. It is also possible that a private foundation from your state could partner with you to provide some or all of the funding. Our only restriction is that we do not accept funding from the pharmaceutical industry.

For more information on membership, please contact Sharon Treat at .

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