Preferred Drug Lists (PDLs) combined with a prior authorization program can effectively cut pharmacy program costs without negatively affecting patient health, as long as the PDLs are based on clinical, evidence-based judgments and non-preferred medications can still be prescribed in a timely manner when necessary. Particularly when combined with the economic leverage of a large purchasing pool, PDLs are a proven strategy to maintain state pharmacy assistance program benefits, including Medicaid, while keeping cost increases below typical double-digit annual figures. NLARx is working with state legislators to craft appropriate PDLs that are based on clinical judgments and involve a minimum of red tape for both patients and medical providers.

Researching this Issue

Model state laws and best practices, testimony supporting these initiatives, background information and research materials including reports, legal materials and news articles are posted here. Other relevant materials may be found on the issue pages relating to Generics and to Medicaid and Medicare. Information on evidence-based prescribing is integral to an effective PDL, and materials on clinical studies and academic detailing maybe found on the Safety & Clinical Trials issue page. See also the Related Links below to connect to other organizations and materials relevant to this issue

Model Legislation
Oct 04, 2006
Preferred Drugs Lists Model Legislation|>>more
Jun 16, 2005
Maine Prior Authorization Legislation|>>more
Apr 01, 2003
Model PDL Bill|>>more
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American Health & Drug Benefits
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Jan 14, 2011
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Aug 02, 2010
The New York Times
Patients Want Patent Broken on Genzyme Drug|>>more
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Aug 20, 2010
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Jan 11, 2007
State Medicaid Programs Lead the Way on Negotiation of Drug Prices|>>more
Oct 04, 2006
Best Practices: Purchasing Pools Combined with PDLs - "Fast Facts"|>>more
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